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Back on Ubuntu

Posted on the June 15th, 2009 under Linux,Windows by

About a month ago, I decided to ditch Windows Vista, and move back to Ubuntu. It was kind of a reluctant decision since:

  1. I sometimes develop on Visual Studio which requires Windows
  2. DELL’s  software management is awesome, and one just has to enter your service tag to get a list of driver’s you need, etc.

However, Vista’s sluggish performance and slow boot-up times, became too irritating too bear.

I also have to admit that with my previous UWC laptop, I kind-of had it tuned up as a developer machine, nice-and-fast, great apps, removal of non-essential features. It’s a journey and adventure to rediscover that. Follow my next blog posts as I attempt to retrace those steps, the things they don’t tell you, and stuff I’ve just plain forgotten! Also some of my notes on getting VirtualBox working.

Symlinks in Windows

Posted on the February 11th, 2009 under Windows by

People will be familar with symlinks in Linux, but this feature has also made its way into Vista now.