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Thunderbird + Correct Indentity Plugin

Posted on the January 5th, 2011 under Linux,Productivity,Software and Technology,Usability by

On both Ubuntu (and Windows if I ever had to use it), I prefer Thunderbird as my email client over Evolution or MS Outlook purely due to two reasons:

  1. I love the way it allows one to show an inbox for each account. I do not need to filter them, or create labels.
  2. The ability to set a limit on incoming mail. Once activated, it only downloads the first 50kb of each email giving an idea of what the email contains, and it saves the frustration of downloading emails with large attachments, particularly from people I don’t know.

However, the one mistake I often make is clicking “Write”, type in the email, and clicking send, without checking that I’m sending it from the right email address. Fortunately, another great thing with Firefox and Thunderbird is extensions, and there is one that fixes that called Correct Identity.

It allow one to set an alternative default email address for writing an email. Eg. The account is support@…, but whenever you send out email from that account, it should be from tohir@…, that’s the issue it solves!

Standard Bank’s New Internet Banking Site

Posted on the March 9th, 2007 under Usability by

A story I haven’t had the opportunity to publish yet. Standard Bank raved about their new Internet Banking Site, but guess what:


In the 21st Century, this is just plain ridiculous, and makes me wonder WTF the developers in Standard Bank were up to:

  1. A site not working in Firefox points to the usage of browser-specific or proprietary tags, and the avoidance of a standards based design approach. The site was clearly designed for only IE users.
  2. How can you not to test in Firefox? Do they not know a revolution called Spread Firefox Exists. Firefox has challenged Internet Explorer in ways others could only dream off. Some will even argue that if it was not for Firefox, IE7 would not have been born. For many, Firefox is the standard, and tweaks added for IE. As many have put it, IE is to Firefox, what Netscape 4 was to IE 5.#
  3. These developers are probably living in the dark ages of the Internet. For me, designing for IE is a nightmare. All the other browsers, besides IE, are progressive in adopting standards.
  4. What does it say about security. Given the problems IE has had over the years, one piece of advice given was: Don’t use IE!Is Standard Bank not aware of this? Do they not give a damn about security? Why FORCE users to use a less secure browser?

In Firefox

In Internet Explorer: