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How to Loop through the Properties of an Object in JavaScript

Posted on the May 10th, 2010 under Internet,JavaScript by

for (var key in object) {
    alert('value of '+key+' is '+object[key]);

ExtJS Books coming soon

Posted on the June 24th, 2009 under HTML, CSS,JavaScript,Software and Technology by

Here is a list of some of the ExtJS Books, one is already published, others should be out later this year:

 Learning ExtJS

This book has already been published and is available for purchase. As the first and currently only book available, it is quite a useful reference.

What you will learn from this book?

  • Create responsive forms
  • Look at Web Applications from an entirely new perspective
  • Learn to use the major UI components available in Ext JS
  • Understand how external data can be consumed by Ext JS
  • Query and process remote data into your application
  • Use Layouts to bring all of the Ext JS pieces together
  • Use Ext JS effects to manipulate the DOM in exciting ways
  • Provide a consistent look and feel to your application using Components
  • Change the visual style of Ext JS using theming support
  • Find Custom Community Extensions to expand your applications
  • Create your own custom library extensions

Practical ExtJS Projects with Gears

This promises to be an exciting book focussing on practical case studies, and also integrate offline usage with Google Gears.

Expected in July 2009

What you’ll learn

  • Get an understanding of one of today’s hottest JavaScript frameworks and libraries, Ext JS.
  • Develop interesting Web 2.0 “front ends,” RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), and more.
  • Create a number of applications from the projects or pragmatic case studies that the author gives you.
  • Create an organizer, timekeeper, a code cabinet, and more.
  • Get back to basics and back ends using a SQL workbench, Google Gears, and Ext BASIC.
  • Pull it all together by designing a game using Ext JS.
  • And more…

ExtJS in Action

Expected in January 2010, although some chapter are available with the Manning Early Access Program