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Simple Drag and Drop from Adobe AIR

Posted on the August 21st, 2009 under Adobe AIR by

Quite a few articles and tutorials show you how to drag and drop a file onto an Adobe AIR application. This one will show you how to drag one FROM an Adobe AIR application TO YOUR DESKTOP (or any other location you provide. The code is really simple:

Drag Me to the Desktop

Download: Source Code

To run, extract files from archive, and then run: adl application.xml

Dynamically generating a Sandbox in Adobe AIR

Posted on the August 19th, 2009 under Adobe AIR by

Something that seems to have worked


Focus Booster App

Posted on the August 4th, 2009 under Adobe AIR,Reflections/Thoughts,Software and Technology by

For the past couple of days, I’ve been experimenting with a tool called Focus Booster. It’s a simple app with an easy method to help you measure and increase your focus and concentration:


  1. Firstly, choose the amount of time you would like to complete a particular task. By default it is set to 25 minutes.
  2. Prepare to do the task, clear your PC desktop of any distractions, and start the timer.
  3. Continue working until you’ve completed the task or the timer runs out.
  4. Take a break
  5. Restart the process with your next task

Tiny app, simple process, but it works for me, and these are the benefits I believe are derived:

  • Forces you to plan and think about a single task you would like to perform
  • A quick glance at the timer helps you focus, there is something watching you!
  • Helps you to persevere, (just another 8 more minutes to go, etc.)
  • Provides some type of measurement of how long you can focus, and challenges you to better it. The next version will allow you to record your focus sessions.

Focus Booster is a free application and requires Adobe AIR to run. Download it at: . Follow updates on twitter @focusboosterapp

How to: Uninstall Adobe AIR Apps on Ubuntu (via Synaptic)

Posted on the August 3rd, 2009 under Adobe AIR,Linux by

There are two ways to uninstall Adobe AIR apps on Ubuntu.

1) Access to original .air file

If you have access to the original .air file, run it and it will give you a screen with options to either Uninstall, Run Now or Cancel. Simply click on Uninstall.

Screenshot-Application Install


2) Use Synaptic Package Manager

A second more easier approach (particularly if you lost the .air package) is to use Synaptic. From the sidebar, simply choose: Status > Installed (local or obsolete)

Adobe AIR apps list in Synaptic


Discovering this makes me less hesitant to try our different AIR apps, trying to find out which one works best.