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Why Protect Israel?

Posted on the October 28th, 2005 under Palestine by

There has been huge outcry following Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s statement that “Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth”. Much of this is, of course, a subjective ulterior response to the current nuclear standoff.

I ask myself “Why protect Israel?” and why no similar outcry when Israel:

  • Disregards the International Court of Justice (ICJ) particularly in its construction of the apartheid wall. (Israel does not accept ICJ jurisdiction in any case – so there is a case for hypocrisy, as Israel doesn’t play by the rules. Wonder what would happen if another country tried the same).
  • Continuously abets the destruction of a World Heritage Site – the Old City of Jerusalem. Their plans to destroy it and replace with a temple are unashamedly advertised.
  • Continuously violates the airspace of others, yet was alarmed and ran screaming when Hizbollah retaliated and did the same using an unmanned drone.
  • Stands in violation of numerous United Nations resolutions.
  • Practices religious discrimination. Access to the Masjid-ul-Aqsa is restricted. Access to the Ibrahimi Masjid was totally denied this Ramadaan. Lets not forget the Masjids that were converted into stables and night clubs.
  • Continuously assassinates Palestinian leaders.
  • Engages in gross human rights violations and numerous massacres. It has tortured legalized, and practices extra-judicial collective punishment. For this purpose, it has recently received 300 specially trained dogs from the USA.
  • Has, especially of late, interfered in Palestinian elections by arresting hundreds of undesirable candidates to setup an subservient ‘peace and negotiating partner’.

But in reality, public opinion is against Israel, despite their efforts. Since no matter how much PR exercises they engage in, there is one source of public opinion they cannot change or win. That is: moral conscience.