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Blocking Search Results in Google

Posted on the May 20th, 2010 under Internet,Software and Technology by

I find it quite annoying that when ever I do a search related to ExtJS, two sites ( and are on the first page of results. These two sites simply aggregate ExtJS forum posts, and then present them in a SEO friendly page.

Given this, I took to finding a way that can block search results. Officially, there’s no way you can do that from within Google settings (which would have preserved that as you moved from machine to machine), but there are extensions for Firefox. Still looking for a Chrome one!

For Firefox, there are a few extensions. One is CustomizeGoogle, but it doesnt work in the latest version of Firefox.

The one that does work is SurfClarity. It allows you to list of a sites that should be filtered out. It doesn’t do it from the server-side which would save a 1kb of traffic, but nonetheless is good enough.

How to Loop through the Properties of an Object in JavaScript

Posted on the May 10th, 2010 under Internet,JavaScript by

for (var key in object) {
    alert('value of '+key+' is '+object[key]);

Wireshark and [truncated]

Posted on the May 10th, 2010 under Internet,Linux by

I’ve posted a tutorial on how to get wireshark up and running on Ubuntu. The one problem , though, is that sometimes (actually often) you get [truncated]. How can you untruncate or turn it off or increase its size.

This isn’t the answer, but a way of how to get access to the full response:

Right Click on the Packet in Line-based text data, then choose Copy > Bytes (Printable Text Only).

This will place the full response, and you can paste it in a text editor.

Starting to like the toolbar in Ubuntu 10.4 file manager

Posted on the May 4th, 2010 under Linux,Software and Technology by

The one thing that horrified me in the latest version of Ubuntu was the ‘new’ toolbar for Nautilus or the file manager.

However, after reading Deconstructing Nautilus and rebuilding it better, I have to admit, I enjoy it. Why?

Even though I tend to browser elsewhere by typing in the path, the UP button is probably the most used button by myself. Switching to the location bar provides no alternative, but keeping the button bar allows one a form of up button.

Secondly, CTRL+L is probably something I can live with.

Given the whole debate around this, the lesson I believe is that don’t ignore your existing users. If you are going to change something, inform your users!

Given the opensource community spirit, it wont be long before someone does a quick script to bring back the old toolbar. If you are looking to do that today, have a look at:

Being in touch with the Nabi Muhammad (PBUH)

Posted on the May 3rd, 2010 under Reflections/Thoughts by

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve taken to reading Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Martin Lings. One of the many touching incidents occurred in Madina.

The Prophet (PBUH) had to serve in multiple roles as the leader of the Muslims, governor of Madina, prophet, etc. At this time, he divided his day into three. 1/3 for family time, 1/3 for community affairs and a 1/3 to spent in worship and prayer.

Some of the companions felt as if they were losing touch with the Prophet, given his multiple roles, fixed time in them, and the large amount of people who were all vying for his attention.

In this regard, Allah revealed the verse:

Surely Allah and His Angels bless the Prophet. Oh you, who believe, call for blessings on him, and salute with (respectable) salutations. (Chapter 33: Verse 56)

This would be their (and our way) of staying connected with him!

The Prophet (PBUH) would also add: “Whoever invokes blessings on me once, Allah will invoke blessings upon him ten times”

Vodacom and Rotten DNS, Connected but not quite connected

Posted on the May 3rd, 2010 under Internet by

One of the most annoying issues using Vodacom to connect to the internet is that sometimes the DNS server used is so badly rotten, internet use is practically useless.

DNS is the system that converts a domain example to an IP Address, something ‘computers’ can interpret and understand. When this process fails, it may appear the internet is down. All that is happening, however, is that the process of converting domain names to IP Addresses is slow (or dead).

One way to fix this is to use alternative DNS servers/addresses. By switching DNS addresses, you are basically saying, use this server to convert domains to IP addresses.

First things to check:

  1. You have an internet connection. This will not help if you do have one
  2. Check that entering an IP address works, example:
  • (
  • (
  • http:// (
  • (

If this works, but entering doesn’t, then changing DNS entries will help. Edit your connection settings, and try one of the following: – SAIX – Vodacom – Internet Solutions (IS) – OpenDNS – OpenDNS alt

It is possible to mix them up, rather than using two by the same company.