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Facebook Advertising

Posted on the March 30th, 2009 under Internet by

Recently I came across this advert on the left, and it left be kind of shocked. How did they know i am 29? Is Facebook sharing my details with advertisers?

Knowing it could be too good to be true, I nonetheless clicked on the ad. Pity I’m not in Australia (the target audience), else I could have won the iPhone – yeah right!

Nonetheless, looking up on Facebook advertising, it does offer some really great targeting information. With people providing location, personal info, what they like (fans, etc.) it seems to be an advertiser’s paradise. All that needs to be done is really accurate profile of the target audience.

One just wonders where does the blur occur if it does at all?

World’s Greatest Business Mind Award

Posted on the March 29th, 2009 under Humour by

And the winner is…

A Money-Making Website in 10 Minutes?

Posted on the March 27th, 2009 under Internet by

DevHub claims it can help you build a money-making website in 10 minutes. I’m going to put that to the test [the building part at least ;-)] and post the results on this blog. Keen to try it yourself?

How to Transfer Large Files using

Posted on the March 24th, 2009 under Internet by

This is a guide I did a year ago for someone. Never realised it until I recently logged into, but it made it to the hotlist.

How to Transfer Large Files using

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Need a Twanslation?

Posted on the March 19th, 2009 under Twitter by

Sometimes I come across use of technology that really blasts me away. This is a really cool concept, instant translations via twitter, if only the service was up more often. Imagine if we hooked this into a text to speech synthesizer as well:

Twanslate, although it does sound like a Tweety bird styled mispronunciation, is, in reality, a Twitter mashup for on the fly translations. It works quite well for when you’re lost in a foreign land and have nothing but your mobile on hand. Simply send out a message (e.g. ‘d twanslate bg [for bulgarian] Where is the nearest toilet?’) to the @twanslate bot, and you’ll be able to get yourself out of sticky situations in a bucket load of languages. The bot remembers the last language code you used, so if you’re still keen on using it, you can skip the language code in your next message. If you need some extra pointers, send out the message ‘help’.


Ever wondered how the Kaaba looked inside

Posted on the March 6th, 2009 under Islam and Muslims by

From an email I received recently, I decided to lookup some more information:

This what we usually get to see when the King of Saudi Arabia visits the Kaaba in Makkah

Muslim Pick Up Lines

Posted on the March 4th, 2009 under Islam and Muslims by

1. OH MY GOSH! I just saw part of your hair, now you’re obliged to marry me.

2. Our parents engaged us when we were little, they must have forgotten to tell you.

3. I’d like to be more than just your brother in Islam.

4. To watch you pray is a sin of its own.

5. Will my platinum VISA cover your dowry?

6. You can’t play basketball with a jilbab on, marry me, and we will go one-on-one our entire life.

7. Muslims are supposed to have many children, and I am willing to do my part…

8. Will you help the cause of the Ummah by helping me fulfill my deen?

9. Wanna pray in jamaat? shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet?”

10. Assalamu alaikum, so what time does a hur al-ayn (beautiful person from Jannah) like you have to be back in paradise?