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Getting InnoDB on Xampp for Linux

Posted on the May 7th, 2007 under Linux,Software and Technology by

I’ve already posted on how to get innodb on xampp for windows. Here’s the instructions for linux assuming Ubuntu.

Open a command line and enter:

sudo gedit /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf

Find the line that says:


Add a hash (#) in front of that so that the line looks like:


Restart MySQL and you should have InnoDB enabled!

XDebug on XAMPP for Linux

Posted on the May 7th, 2007 under Linux,Software and Technology by

As usual, I could have got this right first time if my brain registered better. Assuming you have the latester version. First of all, you NEED the Xampp Development Package. Go to the download page at:

You’ll find:

  • Xampp Download Version 1.x.x
  • Xampp Upgrade Version
  • Xampp Development Version

You’d never guess how long it took me to find this. The next step to remember is:

  • Xampp Development Version is an ADDITIONAL package, not a replacement package. You still need to download the full version if you are doing this for the first time, and do not remove your existing version if you have one. Would be wise to back up though – just in case.

Once you have uncompressed the archive, you’ll have access to phpize that you need. From there, you can proceed to install from source – see For some reason, the PECL installation didn’t work for me.

Gnome vs KDE – doesn’t matter

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Gnome vs KDE is a stupid debate. Usually the choice is based on what programs are available for GNOME vs KDE. Choose the one with the most programs.

THe good news is that this doesn’t matter with Ubuntu and if you use Synaptic. let’s say I’m running GNOME and want Kivio which is like MS Visio and only runs under KDE (supposedly). If you install it via Synaptic, Ubuntu will install Kivio + some of the KDE libraries it needs to run Kivio – and this under GNOME nogal.

I can’t believe how useless the GNOME vs KDE debate is. BTW, I prefer XFCE, it’s faster, and I like Thunar over Galeon

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition

Posted on the May 7th, 2007 under Linux by

If you’re looking to move over to Linux from Windows, or just looking for a linux distribution that plays many formats as possible, try Ubuntu Ultimate Edition available from

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition is a remake of Ubuntu (currently Edgy) with tons of USEFUL additional drivers and programs. The one thing I like is that the media formats just works. VLC is bundled so that caters for all the Microsoft formats, and Quicktime etc.

Linux CDs in South Africa – Look no further than FOSS CDs

Posted on the May 7th, 2007 under Linux by

Downloading a Linux distribution in South Africa is a time-consuming and expensive process. Ubuntu has a ShipIt programme that will send you a copy of Ubuntu for free. But if you are prepared to spend a couple of bucks, I suggest you head over to FOSS CDs.

Not only do they have a wide up-to-date range, they are much cheaper, use quality media (light scribe), and deliver on time.