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Preparing for the Worst Case PHP Scenario

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It’s kinda of a principle that if things works in the worst case scenario, they will work in the best case scenario. For this reason, it is often better to adjust your PHP settings to the worst, as I learnt yesterday. The worst case scenario PHP test for me is as follows:

  • Magic Quotes is turned on
  • Display all warnings and error message, undeclared variables, etc.
  • Works with apostraphes and quotes.

The solution of course lies in:

  • stripslashes
  • htmlentities
  • having the warnings on for anything else!

What else could there be… a PHP4 Script running on PHP5

Highlight Checkbox and Radio Button Labels

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Finally one that works as it ought to works and is obtrusive javascript. As I mentioned in a previous entry, it was quite a tough one to work out.

Well done Phil!

Zuma’s Rape Trial

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I’ve said it before …

Some people are getting ‘smarter’. They taking ‘sex consent forms/ with them. Wonder how much of these forms people carry around with them?

ExtractNow – For Apple Mac Archives

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I’ve come across quite a few useful software recently – most of them software.

If you ever received an archive from an Apple Mac user, it would probably in .sit format. Do a Google search for an application, and everyone will recommend Stuff-It Expander, who will force you to sign up and send you an email once a week.

Absurd – you need to register to open a rare file format, and get unwanted emails from them. A better program is ExtractNow available at

Its small, free and supports the following formats: zip, rar, iso, bin, img, imz, ima, sit, jar

Two dislikes:

  • It works on drag and drop format, not integrated with Windows Explorer
  • It can’t open password protected archives

Other than that, it is quite a nifty tool to have installed for whenever.

I’m still around

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Shockingly, this is first post for 2006! Can you believe three months already have passed in this year. So what has happened in this time:

  1. We now have a little one in our lives whom we have named Guzaima – meaning a ‘young person with determination’. Given our concerns with the pregnancy and the seemingly miraculous way it all comes out right in the end, it was more than appropriate. I’ll post later the history of the name – quite interesting.
  2. My Samsung Z130 is no more. I walked into a shop where an armed robbery was in progress. Worst than that was the service from MTN. I’m now with Vodacom on a D600
  3. KEWL.NextGen. I’m glad to say this is on its way to stability. An improved PHP5 framework is due out this weekend, but more than that, it had a deservedly review process. At times you have to stop, take a break and assess progress. The bugs that “we’ll fix later” are being fixed. The April release should be the most stable ever.